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Millennium Centre Staff

Staff from Littleover Community School and Derby Moor Community Sports College work closely together to manage the Millennium Centre and deliver lessons.

Each school has a dedicated Head of Centre, Deputy Head of Centre and Centre Administrator. These staff communicate on a daily basis and have regular formal meetings.

The subject teachers from each school also have regular timetabled meetings for planning and monitoring progress. The normal method of delivery of an A level course is for a member of staff from LCS to deliver 2 of the 4 units and a member of staff from DMCSC to deliver the other 2 units. This works very effectively and has the benefit of students having access to 2 different A level subject specialists for each of their subjects.

Staff work closely together when writing reports for the students and completing regular progress reviews which are used by Heads of Centre to monitor progress and highlight any concerns.

The pastoral staffing works in a similar way. Students have a tutor and co-tutor (one from each school) who register students every day. The tutor also delivers the tutor programme and is central to the UCAS process and giving information, advice and guidance to students about their future plans. Each tutor group is also allocated a link Head of Centre to oversee the UCAS process and deal with any other issues that may arise.

This system has proven to be very successful in meeting the needs of our students. With a total of 16 tutors and co-tutors, 4 Heads/Deputy Heads of Centre and 2 dedicated Administrators as well as the teaching staff of two successful schools there are plenty of qualified and experienced people who can help students when necessary.

Mr. R. Archer Mr. J. Henshaw
Mr R. Archer
Head of Centre - LCS
Mr J. Henshaw
Head of Centre - DMCSC
Mr. V. D'Elia Mrs. R. Archer
Mr. V. D'Elia
Deputy Head of Centre - LCS
Mrs R. Archer
Deputy Head of Centre - DMCSC
Mrs. H. Kerr Mrs. M. Parker
Mrs. H. Kerr
Centre Administrator - LCS
Mrs M. Parker
Centre Administrator - DMCSC

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